Along the coast…

Mad about the boy

Well Eddie is mad about Napoleon – everything Napoleon is very important, paintings, busts, statues, piece of cloth of clothes he wore, soil from Elba, you name it… I love it

Citadel of Calvi

The Genoese build vast defence structures everywhere along the coast of Corsica and The Citadel of Calvi is a fine example. You must admire the sheer vastness of it all – and the fact that it still remains largely in its original form. Actually large parts of these citadels are still in use by the military.

Lunch along the road


After a very smooth sail we arrived early in the morning in Corsica, were we will spend a couple of days touring the island. First impression is great. The smell of fresh eucalyptus and other herbs everywhere. Immense blue clear sea and steep rocks and cliffs. It is like there are hardly any cars here – only motorcycles. Everyone has one it seems and there are many tourists from all over Europe on their bikes as well. No wonder because surely this in motorcycle heaven.

Ferry number I

In Genoa we boarded our ferry to Corsica. Mobylines has this thing going on with Warnerbros cartoon characters. No idea why – but it certainly looks different on a large boat. The sailing was very smooth – hardly a soul aboard and the services were actually surprisingly good. We slept like (two) babies and before we knew we were on Corsica.

On our way to the Gotthard

The Swiss Alps

Since the beginning of this year the Swiss Franc is amazingly expensive and thus also is everything in Switzerland. A pity because it is of course still one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So we paid our 40 euro’s for a schnitzel and 7 euro’s for a coffee and stayed a night in Goschenen, on the foot of the Gotthard. We took the pass in stead of the tunnel on our way to Italy and it was a very nice (and very easy!) ride.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ready to be picked and bottled.

Wine country

On our way we will go through large wine making areas and the first is in the south of Germany. We found this remarkable winery that makes all kinds of wines from tiny pieces of land. I guess they have at least twenty or so varieties of grapes and wines in the catalogue. The best part of our visit was (next that the grapes were all still to be harvest) the possibility of tasting all these wines – well not all of them as Eddie here shows…