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Taking a break

No inspiration and frankly a bit bored with the standard blogging concept – I am taking a break of this blog.

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A disapointing find

Near Oristano you can visit the famous site of Tharros, a Phoenician-Roman port city that was abandoned in the year 1000 AD. Unfortunately not a lot is left of what it once was. A bit disappointing collection of rubble. The two pillars that are standing are clearly new and could be of the Roman Film Studios. Much better is it to visit the Archeological Museum in Oristano where all the interesting artefacts of Tharros are kept.

Sardinia is fine after all…

The more south we ride, the better Sardinia gets so it seems. The coastline is much more interesting, The villages prettier and the colours more vibrant.

Sardinian Wine

As on Corsica there are lots of Wineries on Sardinia. Here in Alghero are few of the best of the island. And they make an excellent Rosé.

The cave of Neptune

The northern part of Sardinia is a bit of disappointing. It isn’t as spectacular as Corsica is. This is more a beach kind of island it seems, which is not so much fun for riding our bikes. Our first stop is in Alghero, close to the famous Cave of Neptune. Alghero it self is nice because of the promenade along the coast which reminded me a bit of San Sebastian, Spain. The cave it self is reachable by boat or by steps (680 ones). Because of a very rough sea, we had to take the stairs – but is was very much worth it.

Ferry II

And of we are to Sardinia with great memories of Corsica. This was a great couple of days on what certainly is one of the best islands in the world.

The cliffs of Bonifacio


After yet an other amazing ride trough the forests of Corsica and the steep mountains of the inland we arrived at the most southern tip: Bonifacio and what a tip this is. It is truly an amazing setting. A natural harbour between cliffs with a citadel on top and a beautiful coastline with caves and such. Not sure how to describe it all. Our hotel was on the edge of the citadel and from our balcony we had a great view over the surroundings. We did a little boat trip along the coast and took some human made stairs (up and down) carved into the cliffs.

In search of Napoleon

After a ride along an other very dramatic coast we arrived in Ajaccio – the birthplace of Napoleon – where we stayed in hotel uh… Napoleon and had lunch in uh… cafe Napoleon. The emperor is everywhere although feelings are mixed because he also is the symbol of France which is not really popular here.  You hardly see a France flag, and the french names of towns and villages is usually cross out in favour of the Corsican ones. But anyway it was fun and interesting to see the house where he was born. Ajaccio is a pleasant city with many nice restaurants where you can sample the excellent Corsican cuisine and (rosé) wines.

Dramatic roads